Do You Having Chronic Pain tramadol dose 100mg
Do You Having Chronic Pain tramadol dose 100mg

Chronic Pain Makes Life Hell: Tramadol Dose Can Help You

Chronic pain is one of the major reasons for increasing impairment and disability. According to NHS, 26% people in UK is suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain has developed various health issues also in people. Pain is of two types – acute pain and chronic pain. Moreover, Acute pain is for short-term when you experience any incident causing pain. The pain you experience because of any injury or simple cut is acute pain. Because it lasts for short period of time and goes away after recovery.

On the other hand, chronic pain is the pain which lasts more than three months. In some cases, pain lasts even after recovering from the injury. This kind of pain keeps increasing and may turn into chronic pain. There are several reasons that may cause chronic pain. Chronic pain interferes with everything you do even a smallest thing. Chronic pain makes your life vulnerable and difficult to do anything.

There are lots of methods to alleviate chronic pain and one of them is medications. Doctors prescribe different painkillers depending on the severity of pain. Tramadol dose is one such medication which doctors prescribe as a painkiller. In today’s article, we will discuss how tramadol online UK helps in treating severe pain.

Introduction to tramadol dose

Tramadol dose is a safer and highly effective medication for chronic pain. Tramadol dose is an opioid medicine which you can use for moderate to severe pain. As it is an opioid, it has the tendency of causing addiction. So, doctors prescribe tramadol only for short-term use. Even if you use tramadol as per the doctor’s prescription, you may develop habit. Moreover, if you taking tramadol for a long-time, consult with your doctor for stopping its use. Doctor will lower the dose because it may show withdrawal if you stop taking it by your own.

Tramadol dose comes from opioid analgesic class of drugs. It reduces pain by acting on the Central Nervous System (CNS). Moreover, it changes the perception of your brain for pain. Tramadol dose reduces pain by increasing the levels of endorphins in brain. Endorphins are natural painkillers of body. They eventually block the nerve signals carrying the message of pain and reduces the pain sensation. Your brain releases endorphins to alleviate pain and reduce discomfort. Furthermore, endorphins boost your mood and reduces stress. Stress is one of the major reasons for increasing the pain.

Moreover, tramadol increases the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in your brain. Both these chemicals help in alleviating pain by changing the way your brain deal with pain.

Forms and strengths of Tramadol 100 mg

Tramadol dose is available is market in different forms and strengths. Everyone has different tolerance to pain and different reasons for pain. So, the dose of tramadol also varies person to person. Doses of tramadol depends on:

  • your age
  • if you have any underlaying medical condition
  • your tolerance to pain
  • severity of pain

Tramadol dose is available in the form of oral tablet and oral solution as well. Most of people take it in the form of oral tablet. It is available in different strengths – 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg.

Potential side-effects of tramadol dose

Tramadol is a controlled substance and like every other medication, it also has some side-effects. However, common side-effects will go away with time and you don’t need any specific medical care.  But if you take tramadol for long-time, it may have severe side-effects. If you experience any severe side-effects, you should seek for medical help.

Common side-effectsSevere side-effects
Dizziness and headache





Dry mouth




Sleep disturbances


Chronic pain may interfere with your daily activities. If you are suffering from chronic pain, it becomes really difficult to do anything. tramadol dose online is a great relief for you if you are suffering from chronic pain. Because it will change the way your brain handles the pain. Hence, buy tramadol online UK is one of the most effective medications for relieving pain.

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