Refund and Returns Policy

We hope we can deliver the products to the customer’s satisfaction. We do ensure at delivering the best quality products in terms of quantity as well as quality. Despite that, if you are still facing some problems with your order, you need to go through this document so that you can understand our straightforward approach that does deal with refunds and returns.

If you are wishing to submit a request for a return, you can contact our service customer service department. They will provide an amicable solution for the same. Besides helping, we do also advise our customers to check all the items very carefully especially at the time of delivery, and if they are facing any sort of problem at that time, they can contact us promptly if there is any sort of problem.

For instance, if you have bought any of the items and that have not met your satisfactory level in any of the terms whether it can be quantity as well as quality, you are 100% eligible for the refund.

However, Customers are required to submit a request in any of the following circumstances such as

  1. The product delivered is not the same that was expected to be delivered.
  2. There are some missing parts in the order.
  3. You have received a damaged or broken order.
  4. Apart from it, there are some other faults.

Let’s have a glance at our refund policy: –

For instance, if you are wishing to contact us by email or contact number to return the products, we need to clarify the issues before reaching some conclusion. Once you notify our customer service department, they will send you the instructions as to how can you send the items back. However, you should keep an important point in mind that if during the delivery, the damage has been made, you can not submit a request for a return or refund.

At the beginning of receiving an order, we do provide a timeframe of seven days so that you can submit a request for return. But you need to keep one thing in mind if you are using medications after identifying the problem, we won’t be able to issue a replacement order. Refund is issued entirely at our own discretion. There are some of the exceptional circumstances on which you will experience there is a delay in the order and it doesn’t arrive on the expected dates, on such situations you should follow the additional days. The reasons for the delay is not our hands, there are some of the inevitable circumstances such as If you are experiencing problems with the postal system.

Late deliveries from manufacturers.

Usually the high volume of orders.

But we are unable to process a request for a refund if the customer gives incorrect details like postal address or wrong address.

Our cancellation policy: –

If you feel like you want to cancel the order, you can contact us promptly. This is necessary so that we can stop the order before the dispatch. Because medications are usually dispatched within 24 hours of order placement.

Our chargeback policy: –

We do ensure that our customer service representatives work 24/7 and ensure that customers do not face any issues. We do also reserve the right to discontinue our services soon if we are able to notice that customer has lodged a chargeback.

Finding out more: –

If you are still facing any sort of queries, have a glance at our frequently asked questions to remove the doubts. Despite that, if you are still further not able to resolve your doubts, you need not hesitate to contact us by using the contact information available on our website xanxonline