Why can not you sleep through the Night?

Waking up too frequently in the night can be a form of Insomnia. There are many reasons that cause Insomnia. More water intake than usual does not allow you to sleep well, consumption of spicy foods before going to bed, anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the few reasons that cause Insomnia. Sleep plays a very crucial role in determining the Individual’s health. Lack of sleep can cause many problems such as sleep deprivation, heart disease, and obesity. Doctors advise taking sleeping pills online to combat insomnia.


What are the reasons that are responsible for causing Insomnia?

Getting up in the night for frequent Urination:-

A lot of people wake up in the night for urination, that is for flushing out the water. If your bladder is not allowing you to sleep during the night, try to diagnose the reason for the same. That is keep your bladder empty before going to sleep, or either cut out the things that provoke you to urinate. Do not take enough diuretics. Diuretics enhance the level of fluid intake in the body. After the consumption of Alcohol and Caffeine, you tend to urinate more.

Sleep Apnea or difficulty in breathing:- 

Sleep apnea is a disorder that does not allow you to sleep well. That is breathing starts or stops all of the sudden during the night. You tend to snore loudly and follow an irregular breathing pattern. Sleep apnea causes, restlessness daytime fatigue, and other health-related issues. You can combat this issue by following a healthy lifestyle and losing weight if you are healthy.

Anxiety and Depression:- 

Anxiety and depression are the major reasons that cause insomnia and sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation worsens mental health. If you are waking up in the night because of anxious thoughts, you might not be able to sleep again

Cognitive-behavioural therapy helps in managing both anxiety and sleep-related problems. You can also take a natural diet as well as supplements that help to treat anxiety disorders. Also, meditation, yoga, and exercise play an important role that helps to cope with depression.

Try to maintain an ambient temperature in the room:-

Your room temperature should not be too hot or too cold. Because you tend to sweat much when it is hot and that disrupts your sleep in between. You can do anything to maintain your room temperature that is you can either switch on the fan or the air conditioner or either you can take a shower before going to bed.

Do not use the phone before going to bed:- 

It is advisable not to use the phone before going to bed that does not check the mails or any social networking site because it might put some negative things in your mind and therefore, you might not be able to sleep well. The blue rays that emanate from your phone, suppress the level of melatonin. Melatonin determines the sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, it is advisable to keep yourself away from the things that decrease the level of melatonin. You should read books, spend time with loved ones, and pursue your hobby.

You have gastritis and heartburn:-

You might experience heartburn at the night. There are various factors that are responsible for causing heartburn such as spicy foods, consuming alcohol.

You are intaking Alcohol or consuming nicotine:-

Alcohol increases the level of adenosine that helps you to fall asleep. Nicotine is a stimulant that keeps you awake the whole night. Insomnia has become a very serious issue, therefore all you need is to tackle this problem. Sleeping pills online like Zopiclone 7.5mg plays an important role in eradicating sleep.


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