Zolpidem Every Night
Zolpidem Every Night

Is It Ok To Take Zolpidem Every Night?

ake Zolpidem Every Night

Nowadays, many people use sleeping pills to get a sound sleep. It’s most likely that someone you know uses sleeping pills. According to the National Sleep Foundation, one in four Americans use a sleep aid annually. For women specifically, that number is much higher, with one in three. Numerous sleeping medicines lose their effectiveness after a few hours, and the majority shouldn’t be taken with other medication. It is not that bad to take the assistance of sleeping pills to get enough sleep. But, individuals should at least know when and how to take these sleeping pills like Zolpidem. In this article, we’ll discuss whether is it safe to take Zolpidem every night or not. Additionally, when and how someone should take zolpidem will also be discussed.

About Zolpidem

Zolpidem is a nonbenzodiazepine known as a “Z-drug,”. It has sedative and hypnotic properties. Zolpidem is marketed under the name Ambien. The main application of Zolpidem is the short-term management of sleep disorders. It also cuts down the time one takes for sleep to start, by roughly fifteen minutes. Additionally, at higher dosages, it helps people stay asleep for longer periods of time. It comes as conventional pills, sublingual tablets, and oral spray, all of which are administered orally.

How you should take Zolpidem

You must take zolpidem precisely as prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor may instruct you to take a pill only two or three nights each week. You should take the pill with a sip of water, and swallow the pill whole. Most importantly avoid chewing it or crushing it. Additionally, you can consume zolpidem with or without meals. If your doctor prescribes you to take Zolpidem (Ambien) then you may buy Ambien online UK.

When to take Zolpidem?

For those who suffer from persistent insomnia, sleeping tablets like Zolpidem can be a successful treatment option. However, sleeping pills can have negative effects just like any other prescription. Drowsiness throughout the day is one potential adverse effect of sleeping pills. The hypnotic effects of sleep aid Zolpidem are strong. They may be beneficial as they strongly urge sleep. This effect may still make you sleepy even after you wake up.

Moreover, taking Zolpidem at the proper time of the night is one strategy to reduce the chance of becoming sleepy throughout the day. Most sleeping medicines, including Ambien, should be used just before going to bed. You should only take these sleeping tablets when you can sleep through the night. In short, you should only take the zolpidem medicine when you at least have seven to eight hours for sleeping.

Is It Ok To Take Zolpidem Every Night?

Generally, the long-term usage of sleep aids is not advised. Short-term stresses, jet lag, or other comparable sleep issues are best treated with sleeping tablets like Zolpidem. There is little research on the effectiveness and safety of taking sleep aids for more than four weeks. However, some studies have indicated a possible association between daily usage of sleep aids and an increased risk of death. Additionally, sleeping pills may potentially alter different stages of sleep, which would impact sleep quality.

In addition to the above, doctors may prescribe the sleeping medication Zolpidem for persons with insomnia who don’t respond to other treatments. According to specialists, using these sleep aids a few nights a week can reduce the danger of tolerance or addiction. Long-term usage of over-the-counter sleep aids is not recommended.

The risk associated with taking the sleeping pill Zolpidem daily

Moreover, tolerance to sleep medications is common, which means that individuals must gradually take increasing dosages of the medication to achieve the same results. Rebound sleeplessness, anxiety, anger, or bizarre nightmares are a few withdrawal or addiction symptoms that could also be present.

For how long you should take Zolpidem?

Typically, zolpidem will be prescribed to you for 2 to 4 weeks. It is only recommended for a brief time because your body adjusts to this medication fast. It’s improbable that it will still have the same impact after taking it for a few weeks. Nevertheless,  taking zolpidem for a longer period may possibly make your body dependent on it.

Additionally, if you still have trouble falling asleep following your course of zolpidem, then try making lifestyle adjustments for insomnia. Such as taking a warm bath before bed and avoiding daytime naps. You may consult your doctor for a better suggestion.

What to do if you missed a dose of Zolpidem

If you forget to take your zolpidem, skip the missed dose. The next evening, begin again and take your zolpidem as scheduled. Never mix two doses into a single dose. Never take an additional dose of a medicine to make up for one you missed.

What happens if you mistakenly take extra Zolpidem

Zolpidem is used in excess of the recommended dosage is a risk. In such overdose cases, you might experience various serious or dangerous effects like:

  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Profound slumber
  • Entering into a coma
  • Feeling weak or woozy
  • Light-headed as a result of low BP
  • Shaky muscles
  • Losing your balance or falling over
  • Shallow breathing or breathing challenges

If you think that you have taken extra zolpidem, or you find any abovementioned symptoms, then reach your doctor immediately.

Where to buy Zolpidem Online UK

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